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Pashvi Consultancy is an outsourcing firm situated in Mumbai. The consultancy focuses on outsourcing man-power for android, iOS, java and other web development projects.  It is a one-stop solution for all your IT development needs.

Started in early 2016, Pashvi consists of a team of highly experienced and creative developers who are always ready to go that extra mile for their clients. They have catered to a number of clients successfully and plan to expand their horizon with constant efforts and hard work. Punctuality, dedication towards work and a to do attitude are a few of the aspects that the team has always looked after and taken care of. The developers have a good exposure towards development throughout the years which has helped them in gaining a strong hand in development. The team is ready to give a helping hand to their clients even after the development process is completed, because the company has always maintained their clients as a part of their family.

A company’s aim is to always have a good reputation in the market that they cater to. It’s the word of mouth that makes or breaks a company and Pashvi has always striven to achieve its popularity through the word of mouth. All the clients to whom Pashvi has outsourced are more than happy to have hired a developer from the consultancy.


Rounak Bafna after getting a degree in IT, got into management studies and completed his MBA. Thereafter, never wanting to get into a job he started a firm named Pashvi early in 2016 and began his dream of serving the IT industry. Through his constant efforts and the ability to seek out talent in people, he set up a team of highly experienced developers.

Pashvi now focuses on outsourcing its best developers to reach out to the clients in need and to reach out to more and more people in the coming years through its undoubted services and talent. The company has a long term goal of staying and serving the IT industry and is taking all the necessary steps to make it happen. The team has always kept their clients as their top most priority, because just like an artist it is the company’s clients that will give it the popularity and respect that it looks for.



We offer android, iOS, Java and web development services. You can check out our service list below and
get a general overview of our capabilities.


  • I hired an android developer from Pashvi for a personal project, I have to say that the developers was very well versed with each and every aspect of android development.

    Jignesh Boricha
  • I recently hired an iOS developer from Pashvi and I have to say that the developer handled all the problems very professionally.

    Pooja Desai
  • The developers at here are very well trained in their work. The professionalism and the dedication of the developers towards their work is something I want to appreciate.

    Rahul Jain
  • The team of developers is always ready to help you and are able to meet all the dead-lines and requirements at without hesitation.

    Abdulaziz Bekeer


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